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Achille Castiglioni in his studio, under an “Arco” lamp, sitting on “Sanluca” chair, next to a “Rocchetto” table.

In this page you have all the materials useful for the written part of the exam.

Here you have all the various materials we have seen together in class:

> Design for a low-cost world, useful pdf  in order to understand the conceptual frame of the class.

> Introduction (part 1)

> Introduction (part 2)

> Introduction (part 3)

Before to enter the four by four grid (see introduction), it is useful to go through these links to get a broad understanding of some relevant figure/thoughts/ideas related to the XXth century (as seen in class). Without these people we would not have the contemporary design as it is

> Marcel Duchamp, “Making sense of Marcel Duchamp

> Marshall McLuhan, “The Medium is the Massage

> “1984” vs the “Brave New World” (or, Orwell vs Huxley…)

> Guy Debord and the “Society of Spectacle

Here below the sixteen links to the sixteen classes based on the 4 by 4 grid (please note that the class content has been organized around the forthcoming book by Walter Aprile and Stefano Mirti: “Wobbly Solutions”)

> 1. A single person for a single person

> 2. A single person for a small group

> 3. A single person for a big group

> 4. A single person for all

> 5. A small group for a single person

> 6. A small group for a small group

> 7. A small group for a big group

> 8. A small group for all

> 9. A big group for a single person

> 10. A big group for a small group

> 11. A big group for a big group

> 12. A big group for all

> 13. The mass for a single person

> 14. The mass for a small group

> 15. The mass for a big group

> 16. The mass for all

> Some final thoughts

Here, a final link: the page with all the names, in order to browse through them in an easier way

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