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In this page you find the links to the blogs made by the students.

As a general rule (as we did last year), the most complete / interesting ones, are on top of the page.

How to get on top of the page?

Blogs having a very clear theme, the theme itself is interesting and fascinating. Blogs with a clear structure (meaning: easy to find the content), updated regularly by their authors.

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List of this year (2009/10) blogs:

Here below the very good ones (good theme, a lot of interesting materials, interviews to real people + real visits). Each group is organized using an alphabetical order (family name of the author):

> Isabella Anzani: Gelato all’italiana (everything you wanted to know about Italian ice cream)

> Linda Bezze: Chocosphere (…when life is hard, chocolate helps…)

> Vittoria Boetti: Design ExpressO (for Italian people, the coffee is always a real ritual…)

> Federica Cavaleri: Design is in the hair

> Kendal Coursin: Chanel

> Bianca Culasso: Le freak c’est chic (fashion industry jokes about itself in austere times)

> Samar El Zeini: Campo Santa Margherita (different ways of living it)

> Antonella Liviero: Life is a flower (how let the live beyond emotions)

> Roberta Marangi: Tea for everyone (universally acknowledge that tea is one the most popular drink in the world)

> Giulia Marinoni: Looking at Panettone (a Milanese delight)

> Chiara Lunardini: Mapping Milan (would you imagine a world without maps?)

> Francesca Migliucci: White dress (white runway)

> Alessandra Nannini: Judge a Book by its Cover (an eye on culture through its written representations)

> Costanza Pedroni: Wine is the most civilized thing in the world

> Isabella Pellegrino: Would you Expo? (Expo 2015 Milan : me expo…and you?)

> Jenna Ponzi: The art of bottled poetry (how wine is made and the impact it has had on culture…)

> Matilde Previato Schiesari: When art hugs Milan

> Lena Quach: Exaquarium (sewers can’t be ignored. They run under the best cities)

> Tanya Wang: The perception of American female beauty (and its journey to unrealistic expectations)

Here below the good ones (good theme, a lot of interesting materials):

> Michele Andreoletti: Boxing Lovers

> Chiara Ariotti: FingerFood (on the top of our fingers)

> Giulia Cavallasca: Essence in a bottle

> Emilie Demichele: When Provence is tinged with lilac

> Marcia de Simone: Design on the skin

> Lisa Ercolano: Limoncello

> Eleonora Fanini: Sweet drinks are made of this…

> Sabrina Gismondi: The phenomenon of Italian Renaissance Art

> Beatrice Giudici: The world of cocktails

> Harutomo Iwamura: A Minimal and Progressive Plant (a blog about bonsai)

> Cristina Maffei: Fashion and Lifestyle (… the bag is one of the most necessary womens’ accessories, contains our private world…)

> Elena Maggioni: Eating Milanese (I am Elena and I want to talk about milan cooking, because I was born in Milan and I am interested in).

> Lena Pabich: Feed Me! (“Give-aways” –> How and Why?!)

> Stefano Perotti: Sand Castles (a place where buildings fear the water)

> Elisa Pezzotti: Franchae Curtes (Franciacorta is a land that gives a great deal but also asks for a great deal back…)

> Giulia Vezzoni: Sunglasses (everyone should have a pair!)

> Agustin Yanez: I got sole (for many, a pair of sneakers is simply just a pair of shoes…)

Here below the ones that are ok (in terms of quality and content) but who went a little bit out of track (generally covering a topic ok but not working on the 16 categories related to the class):

– Mauro Sala: Karl who?

Here below, the ok ones:

> Maria Elena Bianchetti: Every dance has its own

> Helen Chen: Cheongsam (an everlasting elegance)

> Chiara Coronin: Born to be at live! (music festivals all around the world)

> Daniele Costabile: Football’s real thing

> Federico De Martini: Urban Design Events

> Tommaso Di Paola: Smoke (smoking world)

> Elena Dolfini: A fragrance for each occasion…

> Alessandra Durante: The new fragrance by packaging

> Zhou Jiamin: 12 Worlds is circulating (Chinese Zodiac at your fingertips)

> Matilde Lucheschi: Simply a Skirt

> Annaclara Maffucci: Aquarium at home

> Maria Elena Manica: Make-Up Inspiration (conceiving life from a make-up perspective)

> Giulia Mazza: Woodstock and more (I love music and lately I had a growing interest in electronic music in particular…)

> Paolo Mennoia: Place your face (Pleasure, Fame, Glory. How can people reach this?

> Simona Modica: Fashion is underwear

> Ludovica Pepe: The sleeping beauty in the city

> Veleva Polina: The mini skirt revolution

> Anna Stoppani: Molecular cuisine (the science of flavor)

> Matilde Toffoletto: A gluten-free break

> Vittoria Traldi: The sparkle is everything (a tour through the prismatic world of jewelry)

Here below the blogs having an ok theme and a reasonable amount of “how” into them (but lacking some constant feed):

> Federica Aprile: Models off-duty

> Claudia Burdo: Displaying things

> Ludovica Cavallet: Fashion Photography

> Björn Dudziak: Hadron Collider

> Erica Magni: Stunning Cakes

> Irena Mincuzzi: Movie Violence (Violence isn’t always evil. What’s evil is the infatuation with violence)

> Giorgia Yasmine Rocca: Lamps like works of art (…they are one of the objects that best represent the personal taste of a designer)

Here below the blogs without much content (the theme can be ok, but if you don’t post things, etc.etc..)

> Daniele Constabile: The world round like a ball

> Marianna De Marzi: Matching Point (it’s too easy to dress all in black)

> Andrea Grifone: Covers Pleasures (music for pur eyes)

> Blagojce Nestorov: Movies in 1000 words (summarizing a film with a single poster)

> Giulia Perin: Dressing up homes (interior design and much more)

> Chiara Riotti: Easy Food

> Federico Scalese: The way of the warrior (different styles of fighting)

> Silvia Striani: Bags & Bags

> Mari Tomova: The art of shoe design

> Wei Davide Want: This is sushi

(Image on top: Ettore Sottsass / Memphis, Carlton Bookcase, 1981)

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