has the blog to be linked to design or is the blog itself a design project?

I have started doing my blog, but I still find myself in the situation in which I am not sure if my theme is correct and also unsure on how it could be linked to design.

I would like to do my blog on smoking tobacco, I have looked at the blogs posted by previous students, and they all seem to connect their theme to design somehow, what I did not understand is if the blog has to be linked to design or if its the blog itself a design project.

in first instance, the blog itself is a design project.

then, if the blog itself relates to “design” it is easier (if you make a blog on your uncle, then it become not so easy to communicate with the rest of us).

in this extent, tobacco and way of smoking it, it is actually a great theme.


(image above: Material Connexion archive)


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