amateur vs pro

I want to focus on “high photography”, would this be ok?

I have nothing against “high” photography (or any other “high” theme you pick).

Still, here we are facing a different concept.

If you write on “high” photography, you have no title (and furthermore we can read a huge amount of things about it, without having specific need to have you adding stuff).

Your exercise would end up being an amateur work.

At the opposite, if you write on different kind of photography (on different kind of any subject): first of all we are impressed because we never thought about such a theme (whatever is the theme as long as it is new and it has a logical sense).

Secondly, since no one ever wrote about it you automatically become the expert on it.

Possible examples of what i mean:

– Food world. To focus on the direct chains of commercialization

– Foreign companies working in Italy

– A specific area of Milanese region and its specific productions

– Italian companies (a given portion), as perceived abroad

– etcetcetc

This exercise should define you as an expert on something (we never heard about it before), not you being an amateur, pretending to be a well established professional critics.

(image above: Armin Linke, “Book on demand”)


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